Hero Dog Rescues Injured Dog

This may be the most amazing animal video we have ever seen. The video is from a traffic camera overlooking the busy Costanera Norte freeway in Santiago, Chile. It shows a dog that has been hit by a car on a busy highway. Under these conditions, such an animal would ...

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: The Flow & Creativity

The term, being in The Flow, was coined by Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi.  In this talk he asks, "What makes a life worth living?". Noting that money cannot make us happy, he looks to those who find pleasure and lasting satisfaction in activities that bring about a state of "flow." [ad#cbank]

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Morris Goodman – The Miracle Man

On March 10th 1981 Morris Goodman crashed an airplane.  Paralized from the neck down, unable to walk, breath or eat, he decided not to listen to the doctors prognosis and that he would walk out of the hospital by Christmas.  He is an inspiration to millions showing that it doesnt ...

Spiritual Cinema Circle Volume 11

Volume 11 of the Spiritual Cinema Circle is now available,For free trial membership of the spiritual cinema circle, click here After Life (Feature Film - Domestic): If you had to choose one memory in which you would spend eternity, could you? This is the premise of After Life, the thought-provoking Japanese ...

Neale Donald Walsch – The Emotion Of Fear

A rare yet powerful video from Neale Donald Walsch, Author of Conversations with God series. This insightful video has been viewed by only a handful of people and now it's your turn to be moved in a very deep and meaningful way. We Recommend:

Allan Pease reveals his formula to success

Best selling author Allan Pease talks openly about his formula to success, In a candid interview with Matt Hern, Pease reveals how he has defied the prognosis of scores of medical experts to survive cancer twice, and how he uses the Law of Attraction to achieve his goals.  His stories ...

Christian the Lion

A heartwarming story about the interaction between animal and human, and how unconditional love is expressed by both.  Anthony Bourke and John Rendall bought the lion cub from the Harrods department store, London, in 1969. They called the cub Christian. Christian's parents were zoo lions, so he was born in ...

The Secret Visualization Tool

This is a quick summary of the principals of the Law of Attraction outlined in the movie "The Secret" - Please pass on this video to a someone you care about, it has the power to change lives... click the title above, and then use the ShareThis link.

Fred Rogers defending PBS to the US Senate

In 1969, Fred Rogers appeared before the United States Senate Subcommittee on Communications. His goal was to support funding for PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, in response to significant proposed cuts by President Nixon.  Mr. Rogers shows us that genuine passion and belief in an definite purpose is ...

Tony Robbins on Motivation

Tony Robbins talks about how to unlock your true potential -- and high-fives Al Gore in the front row! A fast-paced, mind-expanding, motivating talk for high achievers and those who wish to be. We Recommend: Anthony Robbins: The Edge - The Power to Change Your Life Now

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